Greggs plc



Greggs is one of the most established bakers in the UK. With 1,671 total trading outlets, Greggs can be found in the UK high street, retail parks shopping centres and major transport hubs.

Retail Expertise

Services provided:

  • Sole acquisition agent for the East Midlands
  • Lease renewals and rent reviews
  • Disposal of surplus properties

Greggs and Innes England

Since 2005, Innes England has been responsible for finding suitable opportunities in key areas across Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire. In 2012 Innes England acquired 12 units including high street, new pods on retail parks, roadside and an industrial unit. Most acquisitions are now focused on the SMART format. The SMART format is units at retail parks, hospitals, transport interchanges, industrial estates, universities and business parks. Working in a systematic but proactive way, we use a number of tactics to find the most suitable outlets. We put our insight and expertise to its best use – filtering out only the best solutions in the most suitable positions making the selection process quick and straightforward for our client.


Since 2008, we have acquired an average of one store every two months including Highcross Leicester, Fosse Park Leicester, Westfield Derby, Pride Park Derby, Clumber Street Nottingham, and we are still working hard to add more.

'12 units aquired in 2012'