Nottingham Post Corporate Challenge: an interview with Kate Richardson

  • Half marathon medal 

As part of the corporate challenge, graduate surveyor Kate Richardson is running the mini marathon. She is just hoping to enjoy the run and hopes not to be the slowest one there!

Q. Are you a regular runner?

A. Yes, I run fairly regularly.

Q. How are you honing your training? Are you doing anything different in preparation?

A. I’m not honing my training in any particular way but I am just trying to go out and run a little bit more.

Q. Have you got any personal goals to beat?

A. Nope, I just don’t want to be slowest!

Q. Why have you entered the Corporate Challenge?

A. I thought it would be a bit of fun with colleagues, and it may even inspire me to do the half one year…


The funds raised by the Innes England team will be donated to Alzheimer’s Society – our company charity of the year for whom we've already raised more than £3,000. To donate to the team please visit our Just Giving page