Tim’s flushed with TV call from Japan!

  • The amusing sign in the toilets of an East Midlands Train  

NOTTINGHAM property consultant Tim Garratt was so amused by a sign in the toilets of an East Midlands Train – that he photographed and tweeted it, and now he has been asked if his picture can be used on Japanese TV!

Tim was tickled by the sign from the train company which proved it had a sense of humour – by asking passengers not to flush away goldfish, nappies, an ex’s sweater, or unpaid bills.

It also asked that old phones, junk mail and hopes and dreams were kept out the drains too.

Tim’s tweet went nationwide – and was even picked up by national media. Then this week – Tim received an email from a Japanese TV production firm which was keen to include the story in a programme on interesting lavatories!

Tim, director at Innes England, said: “I was amazed when I was contacted by the company in Japan wanting to use my story. It’s brilliant that a picture I tweeted from an East Midlands train from Nottingham to London has now gone worldwide. It certainly shows the power of social media.”

The Japanese TV programme on Nippon Television Network (NTV) is, according to its producer, an “educational variety show which introduces topics from around the world” and Tim’s photograph which be shown in a feature on “gorgeous or unique toilets.”

The programme will be featured in Japan at the end of June.