The experience of a graduate on rotation at Innes England

  • Innes England's 2018 Graduate Intake  

Supporting our graduates while they work towards their Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) is important to us – and offering a rotation in all our disciplines is a key part of their development. Sam Hall reflects on the differences between Agency and Professional Services.

I like the fast pace of working in Agency. One minute you’re ringing a client trying to get a deal across the line, the next you’re taking enquiries for units we have on the market. Then you’re out of the office on viewings or inspecting units. I feel that it really suits me and there is nothing I particularly dislike about it. There is certainly never a dull moment.

The rotation 

For the past five weeks, I’ve been part of the Professional team, who deal in landlord and tenant matters as well as doing property valuations. It’s pretty different from Agency, where you’re often working on lots of different things. The Professional team tends to focus on one project before moving onto the next. This was a bit of a shock to start with but I’m now learning better organisation skills which will help me after the rotation ends. Everyone in the Professional team is very friendly so I’ve settled in well and we often go out for beers after work. Steve Holland, who heads up our Professional discipline, has been very helpful. He explained all the steps of valuations and rent review very clearly and offered his advice and positive criticism on the work I’ve done and how to improve.

One of the most interesting things I’ve been involved with on my rotation is dealing with a rent review on a dentist practice. I’d never done a rent review before and I’ve enjoyed arguing my client’s case and seeing the process of the review.

Improved knowledge 

I’ve enjoyed learning about an entirely different discipline and dealing with all different types of properties. I’m sure it will make me a more rounded surveyor and will be a huge help when it comes to my APC. It’s also given me much needed landlord and tenant and valuation experience which isn’t as easy to come by just working in Agency.

I’ve really enjoyed gaining more experience but without losing track of my Agency work. I’ll return to the world of retail acquisitions and disposals with a different perspective.


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