Sid celebrates a quarter of a century with Innes England


MOST people are happy if they manage to stick at the same job for more than a couple of years, but for Sid Smith, he is celebrating a staggering 25 years with Innes England this year. Sid, from Wigston, started with the Leicester property firm on 5 June 1987, and after seeing a number of names changes, handovers and changing faces with the company, he still has no intention of hanging up his property guide just yet.

After joining the firm in its previous incarnation of Frank Innes, Sid was primarily employed as a negotiator. His position has evolved greatly since then, and he is now the ‘rock’ of the Leicester office, providing support to the whole team. He is responsible for marketing, sales, lettings, viewings, placing adverts and recording deals done  – to name just a few of his jobs. He also plays a key role working alongside one of the firm’s biggest clients, Jelson.

Sid said: “Things have definitely changed since I first started with the company 25 years ago, I didn’t even have a computer back then! Everything was done by hand and we had hundreds of index cards with all our property details on. It was really tough to begin with to try and remember everything. But once you’d mastered it, you could easily remember well over one hundred properties. It’s something I can still do now, even though I can rely on technology instead! My brain is like a computer after all the years of training.”

“I never considered leaving the company really, as I’m a loyal person, but I also enjoy the job and the working environment, and job satisfaction is very important to me.

“I’ve always been interested in property and I really enjoy what I do, and hopefully I’ll be doing it for a few more years to come yet.”

Peter Doleman, director of the Leicester office of Innes England says: “Sid is a central member of the Leicester team, and he supports virtually everyone in their day to day work. He has a vast amount of knowledge, not only about the property industry, but about Leicester generally, and is a real asset to the team. I’m delighted that he has no plans to retire any time soon!”