Reflections on MIPIM - the industry’s global event

  • City delegation tents at MIPIM, Cannes 

With a few good nights' sleep under her belt and back to the normality of Leicester life, Associate Director Jenny Clarke has had time to reflect on a frenetic second time at the property industry's leading event in the south of France

As a business, we’ve been attending MIPIM (Marche International des Professionnels d’Immobilier, to give its full name) for many years, supporting  the cities in which we have offices.

I admit I was a little daunted before attending my first one last year. Despite chatting to several people who had attended many times before, I didn’t really know what to expect or what was expected of me. Even now, I’m not sure you can prepare for this annual industry jamboree that’s been held in Cannes every March since 1990.

Quite simply MIPIM is unique. The large tents outside the main beach-side venue alongside colourful pavilions give a glimpse of the 500 delegations representing cities from across the world, but it’s not until you’re in among around 26,000 delegates that you get a sense of the scale of the event. As in previous years, the greatest number of companies are from the UK with over 2,400 attending in 2018. Standing out from the competition gets harder. As much as it’s glorious being out on the beach in the sun sipping the odd glass of rose, work is very much the agenda both day and night. It’s one long pitch for you personally, but also for your business and the region you represent.

Team Leicester stronger than ever

Innes England sponsored all three city delegations where we have offices - Derby, Leicestser and Nottingham. As part of Team Leicester, we joined the city’s strongest contingent to date, with 26 public and private sector businesses joining forces to showcase the region and hosting two events out in Cannes, both being really well attended.

For me personally, MIPIM is a great opportunity to get in front of key decision-makers locally and regionally.  It’s true that it’s often easier to meet people in Cannes than it is back in your home town. MIPIM is great for building relationships with those I wouldn’t otherwise perhaps be able to. As a result, I have some interesting follow-up meetings back in Leicester booked in for the next few weeks.

 As they say, the really hard work begins when you get home! And no sooner have we returned, than we’re planning for the next one. C'est la vie!