Nottingham’s historic venue to re-open in the autumn


Director Steve Holland was among those Nottingham folk who heaved a huge sigh of relief on hearing that the Malt Cross will serve beer again

Great news!  Fears that the historic Malt Cross may have been lost from Nottingham’s cultural scene as a venue, pub, café and all-round popular meeting place can be dismissed, it seems

While the listed status of the building itself should protect the fabric, it's the nature of future use that would dictate whether it remains open to the public, available for all to enjoy.

Thankfully Nottinghamshire YMCA has added its support to the charitable Trust which owns the property and has plans to re-open - as the Malt Cross - in autumn, preserving all the characteristics and attributes that have made it such a well-loved establishment among Nottingham folk.  And that includes offering beer and food.

Will Wakefield, CEO of the regional YMCA, states, “We are keen to preserve the essence and heart of a venue which has inspired such a strong sense of community, loyalty and historical intrigue for so many years.  With plans to fully celebrate every wonderful and historical aspect the Malt Cross has to offer, we cannot wait to throw open the doors once again and breathe new life into this illustrious venue’s future.”

Well said, that man!  Very best of luck to you.  I will see you in the autumn for a pint