On the behalf of our landlord, our Property Asset Management Team were delighted to agree the termination of a lease for a headway charity shop as well as quickly securing a new letting for a pet accessory shop in the town centre of Belper.

The pet accessory shop Ladybird Pet Boutique, is pleased to be relocating to a desirable location where there will be more footfall, with owner Laura commenting:

"We were really pleased to move into our new premises, which has proven already to be a much more attractive and busier area for us. We were very happy with Andy and the team at Innes England, who made the process very smooth for us from start to finish."

Our Agency and Development team quickly and effectively secured the letting to Lady Bird Boutique. The new tenant was delighted to obtain the building just in time for the Christmas rush, we wish them the very best for the future.

It was also great to agree a quick and favourable exit for Headway to benefit their charitable cause, with Operations Manager Julie confirming:

"We were very happy with the speedy process and turnaround time for us to depart the building, which assisted us well with our new plans. We are very grateful to the team at Innes England for their assistance and advice to help make it all happen."

Our landlord was very pleased our team were able to transition from one tenant to another in such short time period.

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