Innes England invests in drone technology

  • Innes England invests in drone technology 

Innes England has bolstered its building consultancy service by investing in drone technology which will allow the surveyors to access hard-to-reach areas more quickly and efficiently.

By investing in the technology, the team will be able to expand its high-level rooftop surveys when preparing dilapidations schedules or pre-acquisition surveys as well as supporting the defect inspection service.

Director Mike Thorne, said: “We are always looking to improve the service we offer to clients and investing in drone technology has allowed us to extend our offering within the building consultancy department. We have completed the relevant training and hold permissions from the CAA, so we are fully licensed to obtain footage on our clients’ sites and buildings.

“This is a fantastic way to be able to deliver really efficient surveys for our clients where previously we might have had issues with access, for example, so we are very pleased to now be able to offer this within the building consultancy team.

“Not only that but it also enables our agency team to clearly showcase large sites and to enhance their marketing information with photographs taken from a new perspective.”