Innes England has completed a letting for a Midlands specialist recruitment agency, SF Recruitment. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, many firms have been looking to find ways to change up their business structure and office locations to provide more for their staff and clients.

The team at SF Recruitment - previously based on Phoenix Park, Nottinghamshire - were looking to move back into Nottingham city centre, to offer a better work/life balance for employees.

Innes England was originally involved in the assignment of SF Recruitment’s previous property at 6 Millenium Way. However, with the expertise of Ross Whiting, associate director at Innes England, it was also able to assist SF Recruitment in finding a new home.

SF Recruitment has relocated to a Bizspace facility – a top provider of vibrant and flexible workspaces across the UK for nearly two decades – who went on to secure the deal. SF Recruitment’s new address will now be at the sought-after central location of Cumberland House in Park Row. The building boasts bright and modern interiors, relaxing communal spaces, on-site parking and bike storage, shower facilities and secure fob entry and CCTV.

Speaking about the completion, Ross Whiting said: “The office world is changing now more than ever, due to the impact of the pandemic. Businesses, in some instances, are looking to offer more flexible working spaces for their employees, as well as choosing spaces that better suit their needs and promote better employee wellbeing.

“This letting to SF Recruitment was a great success, showing the positive impact of collaboration to find what our clients are looking for. The Park Row building is of high quality design and offers brilliant facilities. The location has some fantastic bars, restaurants and shops close by as well as being in the vicinity of Nottingham Castle and The Park – Nottingham's beautiful private estate.”

Michael Jones, business centre manager at Bizspace said: “We are delighted to have secured a new customer at Cumberland House. With all the changes that have come in office work, it’s great to be able to offer something flexible that works for clients in whatever structure they need.

“Working with Innes England has been a pleasure and we are excited to have SF Recruitment with us, and hope they enjoy their new central location.”

Joanne Eaton, operations director at SF Recruitment for Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, said: "The team at SF Recruitment are really pleased to have found a new location that suits the needs of our employees and the way the business is now working. We chose to take the Bizspace Cumberland House location to support our hot desking and agile work model and it perfectly fit the bill.

“Moving to the city centre is very exciting now with having so many great amenities on our doorstep, and with the onsite parking, and close proximity to buses and trains means our team – typically working one or two days in the office – have an easy commute.

“We’re grateful to both Innes England for their expertise in handling our previous lease and helping us find a new home with Bizspace.”

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